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L'Oréal stops using "whitening" terminology

Product called "white perfect" by L'Oréal in a store in Thailand
Photo: chanonnat srisura / Shutterstock.com

L'Oréal is going to remove all references to "whitening" on its skin products. The cosmetics group will no longer use words like "white" or "fair", in response to the current movement and protests against racism.


Celebrating all tones

The L'Oréal group has decided to "remove the words white/whitening, fair/fairness, light/lightening from all its skin evening products", it has communicated in a press release. However, further details, including whether there will be immediate replacement for the packaging or if there will be a product recall, have not yet been communicated.


Earlier, Unilever had already decided to rename its lightening skin cream, currently marketed under the name 'Fair & Lovely', in India. The consumer products company has promised to stop using the term "fair", as the brand says it is "committed to celebrating all skin tones", French newspaper Le Figaro writes. In fact, Johnson & Johnson has even completely stopped offering skin-lightening products, which are nonetheless highly popular in Asia and the Middle East. Selling the products will no longer be allowed.?


These marketing decisions follow the growing protest movement against racism and discrimination. Since the death of the American George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25?May, there have been actions all over the world and companies are under increasing pressure to take a stand. In this context, the Uncle Ben's rice brand will be given a new logo and many famous brands, such as Unilever and Coca-Cola, are currently boycotting Facebook.