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Largest, and first French-speaking, Coolblue opens in Brussels

Retailer Coolblue opens its largest store ever in Brussels
Photo: Mindshake

Two milestones in one for Dutch electronics retailer Coolblue: its new store in Brussels is its largest so far, and the first in (partly) French-speaking territory.


Largest, first French

The new store allows consumers to try out more than a thousand products on its huge 2,600?sqm surface. It employs fifty people, and - like all the other Coolblue stores - also has a phone and tablet repair shop. It is the second of six stores Coolblue hopes to open in?2020, following Leiden, and lifts the total store count for the former online pure player to fourteen.


The Brussels store is also the first which features staff speaking three languages: following the introduction of a French version for its web shop and app in?2017, this is the first store to have French-speaking staff as well as Dutch and English. It will also bring Coolblue's bike delivery service 'CoolblueFietst' to most parts of Brussels (some parts were already serviced from the store in nearby Zaventem).