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Colruyt Group acquires data supplier Daltix

A smartphone with logo Colruyt Group
Image: madamF / Shutterstock.com

Belgian retailer Colruyt Group takes a majority stake in data specialist Daltix. Colruyt wants to expand its real-time insights into price and consumer behaviour, while Daltix hopes to realise its international growth ambitions.


"Data and information management crucial"

Colruyt Group takes a 65?% interest in data specialist Daltix, for an unspecified amount and with the option to increase its participation to the full 100?%. The investment is a logical step, as Colruyt has been investing heavily in the creation, processing and interpretation of data for quite some time now.


Colruyt has worked with its own data division, which continuously records prices and produces personalised promotional leaflets. Daltix, on the other hand, specialises in real-time insights into price, promotions, product information and product range. Both teams will work closely together and exchange knowledge in the future.


"To promote simplicity in retail for the customer, which is and will remain our mission, it is best to start from a good relationship with the customer and a solid knowledge of the customer's expectations. It is in other words all about strengthening the relationship with the customer. A sound data and information management has a crucial role to play in this", explains Stefan Goethaert, director of retail services at Colruyt Group.


Thanks to the investment, Daltix can realise its international growth ambitions and further deepen its data expertise in the retail sector. CEO Jonas Deprez is satisfied: "The collaboration with Colruyt Group is an opportunity to enrich our retail knowledge, which will also benefit our other external retail customers." Among these customers are also competitors of Colruyt, but the data specialist promises to have already taken measures before the transaction to guarantee the confidentiality of the customer data.