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Delhaize opened its biggest store yet in Luxembourg

Delhaize opened its biggest store yet in Luxembourg
Photos: Delhaize

Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize has opened its biggest store yet in Schmiede (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), measuring 3,450?sqm.


New concept

The new store features a completely new concept, with a different route through the supermarket. Usually, Delhaize stores force their customers through the fruit and vegetable section towards the rest of the store, but this concept offers a choice at the entrance, to take a shortcut to the ready-made products (to which the retailer also counts freshly cut fruit, fresh fruit juice, grilled sandwiches, soups and salads).


"Delhaize listens to its customers, more than ever before", store manager Christophe Remacle said. Indeed, the chain points out that the special shortcut for people in a hurry, and other adaptions to the regular concept, happened after both a customer survey and an analysis of customers' needs. "I think we managed to show that with this new concept, and I am sure our customers agree with me on this", Remacle continued.