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Fourth Belgian Jumbo opens with sushi and halal

Jumbo Antwerp opens with a more cosmopolitan product range
Photos: RetailDetail

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has opened its fourth Belgian store in Antwerp. The product range has been adapted to the more varied, urban neighbourhood: compared to the first three stores, there is a larger offer in halal products, Eastern European brands and a sushi bar. However, one thing is strangely lacking...


Local expectations

CCO Colette van Eerd called her newest store "our most beautiful store yet", even though its size and concept are rather similar to the first three Belgian stores. "We are happy with the concept, but decided to tweak some of its details: signage and product range were changed as we listened to what the locals wanted", director for Belgium Peter Isaac told RetailDetail.


The varied public in Deurne, in the East of Antwerp, is lured in with a wide section of halal products, while especially Polish products are also on offer. Uniquely, the new Jumbo features a sushi bar of which the retailer itself is in charge - other supermarkets with a sushi bar have outsourced it to a third party. "With our Foodmarkets and restaurant concepts, we have a lot of expertise that we can use in our different store chains", the chain boasts. Later on, the collaboration with Hema will also be brought to Belgium, with a range of household articles and textile.


The first three Belgian stores - and a very encouraging consumer poll - have demonstrated that Jumbo "is on the right path", Isaac says. Some consumers are disappointed with the lack of a Belgian e-commerce service: "We have plans to go online in Belgium as well, but I can not give a precise timing for that", the yellow chain says.