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Zouari family (Picard, Casino) wants to buy Bio c’Bon

Zouari family (Picard, Casino) acquires Bio c’Bon
Photo: Plan ID

The group of French family Zouari (current owners of frozen food giant Picard and one of Casino's major franchisers) wants to buy organic chain Bio c’Bon.


Third place in France

The Zouari family announced its intentions to acquire the Bio c'Bon chain, which specialises in the distribution of organic products, BFM Business writes. The chain with 158?stores and 1,500?employees was founded in?2008 by Thierry Brissaud and has grown to become the third largest organic store chain in France - and the only one with a successful expansion abroad: Bio c'Bon has forty foreign stores in Belgium, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland.


Even though 2019 was a difficult year for Bio c’Bon, as the big supermarket chains are expanding their organic product range while being able to offer lower prices, Moez-Alexandre Zouari thinks the Covid-crisis has emphasised the chain's strengths: "Bio c'Bon is on top of the two fundamental trends in the French food sector: the need for proximity and the need for food quality."


The Zouari group is active in real estate and distribution and acquired frozen food specialist Picard last year. They also manage stores of the Casino group (with the brands Franprix and Monoprix) all over France, but mostly in the Paris region.